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Maria Fux is a 90-year-old Argentinian dancer. In her studio in the heart of Buenos Aires she is still dancing, teaching and conserving the elegance and the energy of a young performer.
She accepts all kinds of people in her classes forming integrated groups of dancers. She gives everybody the possibility to develop their own way of expressing themselves and gets out the talent from dancers of all ages and conditions. After a period of training with her, a lot of them spring out, as if something new is waking up.
They take part in one of the most ancient human struggles: the battle of human beings against their limits.
Maria Fux is not an exception. She is pushing her old body to the limits, but there's an unknown force coming from inside, that drives her students to a concrete change and makes her still dancing.
This film wants to tell about the power of that force.

Director's Statement

I personally met Maria Fux in February 2010. My wife has been her student for about five years and she approached her after losing her mother. The dance was the main resource with which she managed to overcome that grief, when she was still very young. At that time, Maria Fux, not even knowing her, became an important person in my life and I have seen first-hand how the dance can change not only the body but also the intimacy of individuals.
For this reason, I want my film to tell about Maria Fux and the changes her dance brings to people's lives: no great revolutions that change society, but intimate awareness that changes individuals.
Although her personal story has very interesting episodes, I have decided not to make a biographic film, but to concentrate on more interesting aspects of her work today, which I myself have been able to experience in the studio. Through this, I could enrich my personal relationship with her, gain her trust and expand my access to her personal world. Evidence of that is the fact that I will be the first film-maker allowed to film her workshops.
I chose to follow some secondary characters to tell how dancing with Maria is changing their lifes. Their stories are the pieces of a single mosaic from which emerges the image of people who, despite the difficulties imposed by life, have managed to find a way to overcome their limitations and grow as human beings. It is a hard road and whoever takes it, needs a guide.
Following this road, we will find out that Maria Fux and her world are impregnated with art and poetry and how important it is to find a teacher in some crucial moments of life.

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Ivan Gergolet was born in Italy in 1977 and graduated in Cinema from Bologna University. Since 2001 he wrote
and directed award-winning short films, documentaries, industrial videos and worked as assistant director and
production assistant in several projects.

INTERVIEW with Ivan Gergolet

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Ivan Gergolet

Written by: Ivan Gergolet

Produced by: Igor Princic, David Rubio, Miha Cernec

Cinematography: Ivan Gergolet

Editing: Natalie Cristiani

Original Score: Luca Ciut

Sound Design: Francesco Morosini, Havir Gergolet

Cast: María Fux

Nominations and Awards

  • European Documentary 2015
  • Documentary Selection 2015