Silencio roto



In the winter of 1944, Lucia, who just turned 21, arrives at a small mountain village. She meets Manuel there. He is a young blacksmith who collaborates with the "Maquis", also known as "mountain men". Refusing to accept the Fascist victory, these guerilla warriors take refuge in the mountains. Lucia finds Manuel attractive because of his smile and also because of his bravery: these are men who keep an fighting for what they believe in, risking their lives to do so. When Manuel goes into hiding in the mountains, Lucia discovers how desolate they really are, and that the empty streets of the town hold nothing but silence, horror and fear. In spite of that, the passion she feels for Manuel keeps Lucia's spirits up, as she hopes for better days to come.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Montxo Armendáriz

Written by: Montxo Armendáriz

Produced by: Puy Oria, Montxo Armendáriz

Cinematography: Guillermo Navarro

Editing: Rori Sáinz de Rozas

Production Design: Julio Esteban

Make-Up & Hair: Annelie Berggren

Original Score: Pascal Gaigne

Cast: Mercedes Sampietro (Teresa), Álvaro de Luna (Don Hilario), María Botto (Lola), Lucía Jiménez (Lucia), Juan Diego Botto (Manuel)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2001