Turkey, Germany


After the dog days, a coming storm approaches during a sudden road trip to a distant island for a funeral. While the deceased is buried in haste, a man makes detour through Aegean Turkey: a dip in the sea, a dream at a town hotel, a light sleep at a hammam, a visit to the coffin-maker. After arrival at home, leftovers are eaten while mourning looms. The funeral is eclipsed by a final wish.

Director's Biography

Born in Istanbul in 1992, Arda Çiltepe studied Economics at Bogazici University. He works as director and producer. Among the works he produced are Meteorlar (Locarno 2017, EFA Documentary Selection 2018) and Gulyabani (2018) by Gürcan Keltek. He’s studying master’s degree in film at Hamburg Fine Arts University in the class of Angela Schanelec.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Arda Çiltepe

Written by: Arda Çiltepe, Julia Tielke

Produced by: Alara Hamamcioglu, Öykü Canli

Cinematography: Julia Tielke

Editing: Arda Çiltepe

Production Design: İdris Kaan Akbay

Costume Design: İdris Kaan Akbay

Sound: Enis Danabas

Cast: Enes Yurdaün, Seren Sirince, Semih Gülen, Ariya Toprak, Ercan Kesal, Nur Sürer, Sencar Sagdiç

Nominations and Awards

  • Short Film Candidates 2019