Czech Republic, Slovakia


Adam, a boy from a Roma settlement in Eastern Slovakia, has only two joys in life: his training as a boxer and his girlfriend Julka. But when his father is killed under mysterious conditions, his mother marries her brother-in-law, the loan shark and thief Zigo. Adam’s life changes from one day to the next. He suddenly grows up and does his best to protect his brothers from Zigo’s influence. But his stepfather draws them into his dubious business and Adam finds himself more and more in conflict with the laws of his own community. Then, while arguing with Zigo, he realizes who is behind his father’s death ...

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Martin Šulík

Written by: Marek Lescak, Martin Šulík

Produced by: Rudolf Biermann, Martin Šulík

Cinematography: Martin Sec

Editing: Jirí Brozek

Production Design: Frantisek Liptak

Original Score: Peter Mojzis

Cast: Janko Mizigar (Adam), Martin Hangurbadzo (Marian), Martinka Kotlarova (Julka), Miroslava Jarabekova (Adam's mother), Miroslav Gulyas (Adam’s stepfather), Ivan Mirga (Adam's father), Attila Mokos (priest)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2012