Slovenia, Germany, France


For their summer holidays, three students—Alja, Zana and Simona-- decide to take a canoe trip down the Kolpa river, the river which divides Slovenia from Croatia. They are unaware that they are being watched by the Guardian of the Frontier, a conservative local politician, the self-styled defender of traditional Slovenian values, who is quite possibly prepared to kill those who transgress.
As the girls float deeper into die woods, cracks develop in the three girls' relationship. Is there more than friendship between Alja and Zana? Does Simona harbour a secret sympathy for the Guardian and what he stands for?
With nowhere to turn, the three girls must decide: what is a border worth crossing and what is just an imaginary line?

Director's Statement

Guardian of the Frontier is something strange. It is a film of adventure and fantasy. It is a cinematical musical visual fairy tale about love and politics. About women and men. And about the borders.
The story is based on personal experience, but only up to a certain point. And then was the border.
It took me 6 years to overcome all the borders to family make this film.

Director's Biography

Internationally awarded for her short films and documentaries. Since 1991, when the first Slovenian national festival took place she has received the best film award Live times: in 1991 for best short film »Balkan Gunfighters«, in 1992 for best documentary »Boy — A Blood brother of Death«, in 1998 for best short film »Adrian«, in 1999 for best documentary »The Road of Fraternity and Unity« and in 2000 for best documentary "Nuba — Pure People" (co-directed with Tomo Kriznar). Documentary "The Road of Fraternity and Unity" was nominated for the Silver Wolf Award at the Europe's most prestigious documentary film festival IDFA (Amsterdam). Documentary »Boy — A Blood Brother of Death« has been among others awarded with two prizes at Leipzig film festival. Documentary "Nuba — Pure People" received four international awards. The short film »Adrian« has been awarded at festivals in Chicago, Creteil and Sarajevo and participated in 40 international festivals. »Adrian« is commercially Slovenia's most successful short film, having been sold to many European TV stations. Her last documentary »Nuba — Pure People« has been co-directed with Tomo Kriznar and awarded with four international prizes. "Guardian of the Frontier" is her first full-length feature film and the first Slovenian feature film to be directed by a woman.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Maja Weiss

Written by: Brock Norman Brock, Zoran Hocevar, Maja Weiss

Produced by: Ida Weiss

Cinematography: Bojan Kastelic

Editing: Peter Braatz

Production Design: Pepi Sekulic

Costume Design: Zvonka Makuc

Make-Up & Hair: Aljana Hajdinjak

Original Score: Stewart Dunlop

Sound Design: Hanna Preuss, Harry Rag

Cast: Iva Krajnc (Simona), Pia Zemljic (Žana), Tanja Potocnik (Alja), Jonas Žnidarsic (Guardian of the Frontier), Igor Korsic (Alja's Father), Gorazd Zilavec (Medo)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Discovery of the Year - Fassbinder Award  2002