Crimen Ferpecto

Spain, Italy


A handsome unscrupulous department store salesman, a natural-born winner, accidentally kills his arch-rival in a fitting room. But his problems really begin when he realises that there was a witness to his crime, a small and ugly saleswoman who would do anything to possess him.


Cast & Crew

Directed by: Alex de la Iglesia

Written by: Alex de la Iglesia, Jorge Guerricaechevarría

Produced by: Alex de la Iglesia, Roberto Di Girolamo, Gustavo Ferrada

Cinematography: José L. “Moti” Moreno

Editing: Alejandro Lazaro

Production Design: José Luis “Arri” Arrizabalaga, Arturo "Biaffra" Garcia Otaduy

Costume Design: Paco Delgado

Original Score: Roque Baños

Cast: Guillermo Toledo (Rafael), Monica Cervera (Lourdes), Luis Varela (Don Antonio), Guillermo Toledo, Monica Cervera, Luis Varela

Nominations and Awards

  • European Director 2005
  • People's Choice Award 2005
  • Feature Film Selection 2005