Switzerland 2015


ELECTROBOY tells the breathtaking true life story of a young man who leaves his claustrophobic Swiss surroundings for the wide world in search of fame and recognition. In a series of success stories he reinvents himself time and again, changing settings and careers like other people change their shirts.

Directors Statement

Why this movie? In order to find answers to the question of who is behind the iridescent fa├žade of this elusive, multi-talented glamour boy. Who is Florian Burkhardt? Daredevil, artist, or imposter? Phoenix or fallen Icarus? The cinematographic journey with Florian led us to an entirely different place than expected.

Cast & Crew

Directed by : Marcel Gisler

Written by : Marcel Gisler

Produced by : Anne-Catherine Lang

Director of Photography : Peter Indergand

Editor : Thomas Bachmann

Production Design : Anne-Catherine Lang

Costume Design : Anne-Catherine Lang

Composer : Claudio (Balduin) Gianfreda

Sound Design : Felix Bussmann

Main Cast : Florian Burkhardt

Nominations and Awards

  • EFA Documentary Selection 2015