Greece, Germany


Eduart, a young man raised in a cruel and oppressive family environment, leaves Albania with the dream of becoming a rock star and living a better life. His reckless character leads him to commit a murder in Athens. Because of an old robbery he gets imprisoned in Albania under the harshest conditions. Eduart, assisting the German doctor of the prison, learns to feel sympathy for others and guilt for his crime. Like the Dostoevskian hero Raskolnikov, Eduart passes from crime to punishment. Can Eduart be redeemed?

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Angeliki Antoniou

Written by: Angeliki Antoniou

Cinematography: Jürgen Jürges

Cast: Eshref Durmishi (Eduart), André M. Hennicke (Dr. Erdmann)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2007