Russia, Germany


Lena is a bright, disabled girl who, after years spent studying at home, is keen to get back to school. She is assigned to a special class for disabled pupils who have to present themselves before a school commission at the end of the year in order to prove that they merit being moved back into a "normal" class. Her enervated teachers, however, show absolutely no desire to motivate the students and help them improve; on the contrary, they try to quash right from the start any interest Lena shows in more complex study material. Nevertheless, Lena soon involves herself in the school routine and gets together with classmate Anton. Yet their transparent happiness is not to everyone's liking and repercussions soon follow.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Ivan Tverdovsky

Written by: Dmitri Lanchikhin, Ivan Tverdovsky

Produced by: Natalia Mokritskaya, Mila Rozanova, Uliana Savelieva, Michael Kaczmarek, Markus Boehm

Cinematography: Fedor Struchev

Editing: Ivan Tverdovsky

Costume Design: Anna Chistova

Sound Design: Michael Kaczmarek

Cast: Maria Poezhaeva (Lena), Philipp Avdeev (Anton)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2015