Serbia, Germany, France, Croatia, Slovenia


Bosnia, 1993. In the midst of the Bosnian war, Marko, a Serbian soldier, witnesses the brutal aggression of Haris, a Muslim civilian, by three fellow soldiers. Marko interferes and saves Haris, but is beaten to death by the infuriated soldiers. 2008, the war is over but the wounds of the conflict are still open. Marko's father is rebuilding a church, he is offered help by one of Marko's killers' son and hesitates about accepting it. Marko's friend, a renowned surgeon In Belgrade, faces terrible choices when told to operate on one of the three soldiers on the verge of death. As for Haris, he now lives in Germany and is faced with a unique opportunity to repay his debt to his saviour.

Director's Statement

The story is about the consequences of an heroic act. Is such an act meaningless, or does it provoke certain moral acts in the future? Does being a hero make any sense? Does an act of heroism and humanity leave a positive mark and inspire us to do good? Is being a hero the same as being a fool? Is a life that is lost defending another human life like a stone cast into an abyss? CIRLCES is a film about people whose lives are changed by a single event; about shadows of the past and the need to step out of these shadows; about frustration by heroism. CIRCLES is a film about guilt, about the question whether it is only the ones who committed the crime who are guilty, or whether it’s also those who witnessed the crime and failed to prevent it. The film is inspired by a true event.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Srdan Golubović

Written by: Srdjan Koljević, Melina Koljević

Produced by: Emilie Georges, Boris T. Matić, Danijel Hoče, Jelena Mitrović, Alexander Ris

Cinematography: Aleksandar Ilić

Editing: Marko Glušac

Production Design: Goran Joksimović

Costume Design: Ljiljana Petrović

Original Score: Mario Schneider

Sound: Julij Zornik

Cast: Leon Lučev, Nebojša Glogovac, Hristina Popović, Aleksandar Berček, Nikola Rakočevic

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2013