Caterina va in città



The experiences in the Italian capital of the Iacovain family: Giancarlo, an ambitious accountancy teacher, stifles his provincial wife Agata with hang-ups within the walls of their home and urges his daughter Caterina to make friends with girls in her class from important families. The young girl, confused and candid, becomes the object of competition and rivalry between Margherita and Daniela. The former is the daughter of a writer and a renowned intellectual, while Daniela´s father is a leading light of the current government. Over the course od the school year, Caterina slowly discovers life in the big city while Giancarlo goes from one disappointment to another.

Director's Biography

The film is directed by Paolo Virzì. Born on March 4, 1964, son of a Sicilian police officer and a mother from Livorno, a sales-assistant and former variety singer, brother of the pop musician Carlo, father of Ottavia (14), as a student he discovered a passion for politics, literature and the theatre. He studied Literature, Philosophy and History at the University of Pisa. Then, in 1985, he graduated in screenwriting from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, where he studied under Furio Scarpelli, Gianni Amelio and Suso Cecchi D’Amico. After working for a few years as a storywriter and screenwriter for the cinema and TV, he made his directing debut with “La bella vita” 1994 (David di Donatello 1995 and Nastro d’Argento as Best New Director).
Subsequently, he shot:
“Ferie d’agosto” 1996 (David di Donatello 1996 Best Film)
“Ovosodo” 1997, Venice Film Festival: Special Jury Prize.
“Baci e abbracci” 1999;
"My name is Tanino” (2001-2002)

He affectionately and apprehensively follows the projects and careers of students and former students of Italy's National Film School and has recently founded the production company “Motorino Amaranto” with the goal of promoting and producing talented young directors.

He has also directed two documentaries:
“Il viaggio di Oumar” (1997) or the adventurous journeys of a boy from Senegal who leaves his village in the savannah for Milan.
“La strana coppia” (2000) on the films of Age and Scarpelli.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Paolo Virzi

Written by: Francesco Bruni, Paolo Virzi

Produced by: Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz

Cinematography: Arnaldo Catinari

Editing: Cecilia Zanuso

Production Design: Tonino Zera

Costume Design: Bettina Pontiggia

Make-Up & Hair: Paola Gattabrusi

Original Score: Carlo Virzì

Cast: Federica Sbrenna (Daniela Germano ), Alice Teghil (Caterina Iacovoni ), Carolina Iaquaniello (Margherita Rossi Chaillet ), Sergio Castellitto (Giancarlo Iacovoni), Claudio Amendola (Manlio Germano ), Margherita Buy (Agata Iacovoni ), Antonio Carnevale (Cesarino), Silvio Vannucci (Fabietto Cruciani )

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2004