Sweden, Denmark


Border guard Tina is extraordinarily good at spotting smugglers. One day, a suspicious-looking man steps off the ferry. Unable to identify what he’s hiding, she becomes obsessed with him and the disturbing aura he exudes. Her investigation reveals much more than expected, and she is soon forced to confront terrifying revelations about herself and humankind.

Director's Biography

Born in 1981 in Iran, Ali Abbasi has a background in literature with several short stories published in Persian. In 2002 he gave up his studies at Tehran Polytechnic University and travelled to Europe, where he finally settled in Stockholm, Sweden to study Architecture. In 2007, Ali graduated with a BA in Architecture and subsequently enrolled at the National Film School of Denmark, where he studied Directing. Ali’s First feature SHELLEY premiered in the Panorama section of the 2016 Berlinale.

2018 - BORDER
2016 - SHELLEY
2011 - M FOR MARKUS, short

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Ali Abbasi

Written by: Ali Abbasi, Isabella Eklöf, John Ajvide Lindqvist

Produced by: Nina Bisgaard, Piodor Gustafsson, Petra Jönsson

Cinematography: Nadim Carlsen

Editing: Anders Skov, Olivia Neegaard-Holm

Production Design: Frida Hoas

Costume Design: Elsa Fischer

Make-Up & Hair: Göran Lundström

Original Score: Christoffer Berg, Martin Dirkov

Sound Design: Christian Holm

Visual Effects: Peter Hjorth

Cast: Eva Melander (Tina), Eero Milonoff (Vore)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Visual Effects Supervisor 2018
  • European Screenwriter 2018
  • European Actress 2018
  • European Director 2018
  • European Film 2018
  • People's Choice Award 2019
  • Feature Film Selection 2018