Cyprus, Greece


English satellites who conduct research from space discover large oil deposits in the area of the old mines in Cyprus. A big part of the area belongs to Costantas Rizites (he has bought half of it from his Turkish Cypriot colleague Ahmet Beyoglu) who has retired there with his wife Ellou. The outbreak of a big economic crisis leads the two sons of the family to bankruptcy forcing them to move their families to the house. This whole situation is made worse when the Cyprus government keeps asking to buy the house, and Costantas stubbornly refuses. Moreover, two English agents and Hasan Beyoglu (son of Ahmet) camp outside the house. The house is in a state of internal and external siege.

Director's Statement

A political, allegorical comedy with plenty of surrealism, social satire and magical realism. A film driven by the human need to dream, and also the need to see the dark side of power- of “big” interests, political games, of the high level contraband- revealed for a moment with a smile by the light of comedy. But I also wanted to play on a personal level, with human flaws and passions: arrogance, greed, jealousy, love. The driving force of love will lead to catharsis in combination with the cunningness of the small, the weak, and the eternally underprivileged. This is what is demanded from comedy. The viewers must leave satisfied and happy that the small, the poor, the weak have finally been justified.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Kyriacos Tofarides

Written by: Kyriacos Tofarides, Panos Stathoyannis

Produced by: Kyriacos Tofarides

Cinematography: Yorgos Frentzos

Editing: Stylianos Constantinou

Production Design: Liza Tsouloupa

Costume Design: Cryste Polydorou

Original Score: Marios Takoushis

Sound: Marco Lopez

Cast: Carmen Ruggeri, Michaelis Marinos, Yannis Tsimitselis, Neetu Chandra, Costas Demetriou

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2013