Conspicuous consumption, irresponsible greed and drug-taking are often thought of somehow as part of the 80s. The situation is a little different for the adult teenagers of Avalon − they’ve never left the eighties or their hedonistic lifestyles. Club promoter Janne has just finished serving time with an ankle bracelet and has reunited with his former business partner Klas. He is looking forward to the launch of their new high-end night club, Avalon. Janne is constantly accompanied by his recently divorced older sister Jackie. She tries to keep up the good spirit, recounting her brother’s career as a nightclub owner, realtor and general man about town. The good times seem to have returned, but when an unfortunate catastrophe occurs, Janne’s new life and nightclub dreams seem to be indefinitely put on hold.

Director's Statement

The inspiration for the film’s characters has been there my whole life, through acquaintances of my parents and friends of friends […]. I wanted to make a film about these people: the adults who never grew up, who never wanted responsibility.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Axel Petersén

Written by: Axel Petersén

Produced by: Erika Wasserman, Jesper Kurlandsky

Cinematography: Måns Månsson

Editing: Theis Schmidt

Production Design: Ellen Oseng

Original Score: Julian Hruza

Cast: Johannes Brost (Janne), Léonore Ekstrand (Jackie), Peter Carlberg (Klas), Migle Polikeviciute (Irina)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2012