Chiedimi se sono felice



Another tremendous box office triumph for popular comedy trio Aldo Giovanni & Giacomo in their special cocktail of surreal gags, tenderness, and fantastic adventure. ASK ME IF I'M HAPPY is the impossible story of three inseparable aspiring actors and their disastrous love lives.

Far the moment they're barely making ends meet an show bin's remote fringes: Aldo as quite an unreliable opera walk-on, Giacomo as a bit-part dubber in low-budget telefilms, Giovanni as a mime in the city's department stores. Though in the stranglehold of a suffocating fiancée, Aldo dreams of being single, Giacomo is an incurable romantic, while Giovanni is a hardnosed loner workaholic — that is, until one day an irresistibly beautiful woman bursts into their world and turns idyllic friendship and their humdrum lives upside down.

The secret to the trio's success? "We want to have fun, life's a game, and people can feel it." And indeed these three light-hearted incorrigibles, as simple and irresponsible as ever, indisputably capture the hearts of audiences everywhere with their carefree nonsense, creating a wake of happiness with this reckless yet thought-provoking film, captivating in its devastating innocence.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Aldo Giovanni, Giacomo and Massimo Venier

Cast: Aldo Giovanni (Aldo), Giovanni Storti (Giovanni), Giacomo Poretti (Giacomo), Marina Massironi (Marina)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2001