Belgium, The Netherlands, France


At the start of the summer season, Ismail and Hakan are preparing for their new job in a gigantic all-inclusive hotel at the Turkish Riviera. They observe the colourful swimsuits, the unemptied plates, the different ways of addressing other people, and gradually discover new opportunities to move ahead in life. ALL-IN explores the loss of innocence against the backdrop of a fading European dream. Initial kindness turns into indifference as Ismail and Hakan's initiation into the absurd world of Western tourism soon leads them to ask: which dreams are really worth aspiring to?

Director's Biography

After obtaining his master’s degree in Political and Social Sciences at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, Volkan Üce started to work at the same university. He decided to continue as a self-taught filmmaker before completing his PhD.
His first full-length documentary DISPLACED had its world premiere at DOK Leipzig 2017 and was received with great enthusiasm by both the international and the Belgian public. DISPLACED shows the identity crisis of third-generation Turks growing up in Belgium and the Netherlands. At the same time the film tells a lot about current Turkish and Western European society. His second documentary ALL-IN premiered at CPH:DOX and HotDocs 2021 and is sold by CAT&Docs.
As a filmmaker, Volkan makes sure that his films are more than just an exotic story. Besides informing and creating empathy for his protagonists, Volkan also strives, in a subtle way, to confront the audience with themselves.

2021 - ALL-IN

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Volkan Üce

Written by: Volkan Üce

Produced by: Emmy Oost, Magalie Dierick, Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Samuel Feller, Valérie Montmartin

Cinematography: Joachim Philippe

Editing: Els Voorspoels

Original Score: David Boulter, Darius Timmer

Sound: Mark Glynne

Nominations and Awards

  • Documentary Selection 2021