Mira and Klodi, a young Albanian couple, arrive in Marseille on a crucial mission.
As they face a fateful appointment and a room full of waiting men, time is of the essence. As they confront the urgency of their choice, they must also confront the growing need to let go of each other.

Director's Statement

Inspired by the silent exodus from Albania, A SHORT TRIP chronicles a couple’s journey of love, sacrifice, and separation. Drawing from personal experiences and observations, it reflects the reality of a generation trading the best years of their lives for uncertain futures. Through its balanced narrative, the film explores the physical and emotional layers of their relationship, offering a heartfelt account of a generation’s hopes, fears, and resilience.

Courtesy of Canal+

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Erenik Beqiri

Written by: Erenik Beqiri

Produced by: Olivier Berlemont, Christie Molia, Pierre Mourey, Antoine Heuveline

Cinematography: Guillaume Le Grontec, Stella Libert, Emilie Crepet, Victoria Zenou

Editing: Pauline Pallier, Laura Haddad

Production Design: Benjamin Vaillant, Joachim Béjaud, Alice Lebrun

Costume Design: Sarah Habib

Make-Up & Hair: Karine Avezard

Original Score: Rémi Durel , Rémi Durel

Sound: Maxime Gavaudan, Rémi Durel , Alice Lebaube, Julie Tribout, Maxime Gavaudan

Casting: Ludmila Fleurent

Cast: Luàna Bajrami (Mira), Tristan Halilaj (Klodi), Arben Bajraktaraj (Arben), Walid Afkir (Farid)

Nominations and Awards

  • Short Film Candidates 2023