France, Syria


Father and daughter have been separated by 3,350 kilometres for seven years. He lives in Syria, she lives in exile. All they have left is to talk on the internet.

Director's Statement

From my room in Paris, in exile, after spending seven years away from my home in Syria, far from my father who remains alone with the ghosts of the past and the lost future – as he always tells me – I began recording our phone conversations over the internet.

Through these often-interrupted exchanges, he tells me about the situation in the country, his daily life from which I am distant, his solitude, his pain, and his feelings. I film this screen that both brings us closer and separates us, this pixelated frame that represents my only window of communication. Among the specks of dust, I discern my erased memories that fade a little more each day, my life from which I have been cut off, and my country, to which I cannot return.

This film is a short documentary, but also a brief and personal investigation into the Syrian experience and the relationship between exile and homeland, between my father and me, the stranger abroad and the stranger within. All that connects us is a choppy sound through which we try to be together.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Sara Kontar

Cinematography: Sara Kontar

Editing: Laure Despres-Khatib

Sound: Rita Mahmoud

Nominations and Awards

  • Short Film Candidates 2024