France, Belgium


Here, in the horror theme park Zombillenium, the monsters are all feeling a bit glum.
Not only are the zombies, vampires, werewolves, and other demons real monsters whose souls belong to the Devil for all Eternity, but on top of that, they’re all fed up with their job, fed up with having to entertain the gawking, consumerist, selfish human tourists… In short, they’re tired of their daily routine, especially since they know it’s going to last forever… Until Hector comes onto the scene. He’s a human safety inspector and he’s determined to close down the establishment.
Francis, the director of the park, has no choice: he has to bite Hector in order to protect their secret.
Hector, transformed into an oddball monster, gets separated from his daughter Lucie, and finds himself trapped in the park. He is not a happy monster.
And what if he were to become the new star attraction of Zombillenium?...

Director's Biography

Arthur gained recognition thanks to several animated shorts among which La Révolution des Crabes (The Crab Revolution), (which won the Prix du Public in Annecy; Special Mention of the Jury, Clermont-Ferrand; Grand Prix Anima, Brussels; the Lutin Award for Best Animated short…) and Géraldine (Best Graduation Film, Annecy; Prix du Public Court Toujours, Lyons …). He has also worked as a graphic creator and director on several animated series. In addition to his activities in animation and television series, he is also a well-known illustrator and author of 3 series of graphic novels: Péchés Mignons (Cute Sins, or Peccadillos), The March of the Crab, and Zombillenium.

He is a French graphic artist specialist in storyboarding for animation (Un Monde Truqué - April and the Extraordinary World). After graduating from Les Gobelins animation school in 2000, he worked on over 20 animated series like Lucky Luke (France Télévision), and more recently Milly Miss Question (France 5) as well as commercials. Very talented technically, he has also done the editing and animation on all his own projects, and also, in 2013, on a series created by Jul, Silex and the City (Arte). Since 2010 he has been working mainly on full-length films.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Alexis Ducord, Arthur de Pins

Written by: Alexis Ducord, Arthur de Pins

Produced by: Henri Magalon, Léon Pérahia

Editing: Benjamin Massoubre

Original Score: Eric Neveux, Mat Bastard

Animation: David Nasser

Cast: Emmanuel Curtil (Hector), Kelly Marot (Gretchen), Alexis Tomassian (Steven), Mat Bastard (Sirius)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Animated Feature Film 2017