The film tells a story about love which has to go through hell again and again in order to be fulfilled.
Woyzeck, a speck of dust of a man, spends his duty - his life - as a flagman by the point switch No. 425 at the periphery of a shifting yard, in a voluntary exile, away from home. Mari, his wife, spends her days not far from him, in the railway launderette which looks like a prison on the other side of the tracks.
Far away and still so close to each other.
Surrounded by the constant wailing of their illegitimate child, the rough temptations of the policeman and their own unhappy life. Howvwer, some hope seems to flare up and is reflected by the cheap beads of an earring and the sharp blade of a razor ...

Cast & Crew

Directed by: János Szász

Written by: János Szász

Produced by: Péter Barbalics

Cinematography: Tibor Mathé

Editing: Anna Kornis

Cast: Lajos Kovács (Woyzeck), Diana Vacaru (Mari), Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov (Captain), Péter Haumann (doctor), Sándor Gáspár (policeman), Sándor Varga (boy)

Nominations and Awards

  • Young European Film 1994
  • Feature Film Selection 1994