Spain, Argentina


Julián receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomás, who lives in Canada. The two friends, along with Truman, his faithful dog, will share four intensely emotional and surprising days caused by the difficult situation Julián is going through.

Director's Statement

TRUMAN is an attempt. At overcoming the panic we all feel in life when faced with illness and impending death: our own or that of a loved one. It is an exploration of how we react to the unexpected, to the unknown, to grief.

TRUMAN is also a film about friendship and the relationship between two men facing that adversity, the man who is ill and the man who accompanies him.

Ricardo Darin and Javier Cámara star in this story along with a dog, our protagonist’s faithful companion, whose name gives the film its title.

Director's Biography

Born in Barcelona in 1967, Cesc Gay is a director and screenwriter known for his profound observation of the characters he portrays; an observation tinged with irony and humour in his reflection of human weaknesses. The constant feature of his work is precisely this rich simplicity he so skillfully depicts through his characters: teenagers as they discover themselves, 20 year-olds in a hurry, 30 year-olds with doubts or 40 year-olds in crisis …

A filmmaker who X-rays feelings from a contained, sincere and delicate point of view to demonstrate the questions that so intimately concern his generation, considered to be one of the sharpest chroniclers of the urban middle classes.

2008 - V.O.S
2006 - FICTION
2003 - IN THE CITY

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Cesc Gay

Written by: Cesc Gay, Tomás Aragay

Produced by: Marta Esteban, Diego Dubcovsky

Cinematography: Andreu Rebes

Editing: Pablo Barbieri

Production Design: Isidro Terraza

Costume Design: Anna Güell

Make-Up & Hair: Karolina Tornaria, Sergio Pérez-Berbel

Original Score: Nico Tapia

Sound Design: Jesica Suarez

Main Cast: Ricardo Darín (Julián), Javier Cámara (Tomás), Dolores Fonzi (Paula)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Actor 2016
  • Feature Film Selection 2016