Spain, Mexico


Ale (18) and Rocio’s (13) relationship is faced with the greatest challenge possible when their mother is imprisoned under dubious charges. They have to act as father and mother to their two younger siblings. Initially they promise to help each other and keep their family together until their mother is released. But as undocumented Honduran immigrants, their right to live, work and study in Mexico was already under threat. And soon the prison wall that keeps their mother away, gives rise to other emotional barriers that prevent the brother and sister from understanding each other. Just as they start to lose hope the family's life takes an unexpected twist.

Director's Statement

In 2014 I worked for a non-profit organisation which helps convicted women, overseeing their cases and helping their re-introduction to society. I met Rocío and Alejandro’s mother on one of my visits to prison, and I was immediately struck by her energy and clearheadedness in such a terrible environment. The other inmates had a great respect for her. Then I met her children, and I sensed in them a similar honesty and maturity, which was even more exceptional at their age.

The moment I pointed my camera at them and conducted my first interview I felt drawn to them, and I was particularly intrigued by the way they were handling the situation. The whole thing seemed to me like an extremely difficult predicament, but here I saw two courageous individuals with a great sense of humour who were willing to keep fighting. And I deeply admired them.

I later found out more about their story. Their life had been full of ups and downs from an early age, but the family had stayed together and remained strong through all of it. That history had turned them into very unique individuals; they were a great, tight-knit family and their ties were deep and complex.

Director's Biography

Pau Ortiz specialised in documentary filmmaking at the Cinema School of Catalonia (ESCAC) where he now teaches. He is dedicated to film stories that empower their characters and promote social change.

2018 - A NEW HOME, doc
2017 - THE PERFECT IMBALANCE, short doc
2014 - 13 WAYS OF ENDING UP ALONE, doc series and film
2011 - TU MATEIX, doc series
2009 –TRAZADORES, doc


Cast & Crew

Directed by: Pau Ortiz

Produced by: Maria Nova López

Cinematography: Maria Nova López

Editing: Frank Gutiérrez, Pau Ortiz

Original Score: Daniel Hidalgo

Sound Design: Gerardo Islas Bulnes

Nominations and Awards

  • Documentary Selection 2018