Da Laatste Overwinning

The Netherlands


A film about the passionate struggle of a small Italian community in Siena to win the town's annual event: 11 Palio. The honour and respect of the district are at stake, as they have not won for years. The young need to feel the glory of a new victory coursing through their veins in order to be truly proud of their roots.
All the year round we follow a few members of the Civetta 'clan' closely. They have dedicated their lives to their district from the day they were born. From Egidio, the 92-year-old sage of the Civetta to 21-year-old Paolo, who grooms the horse and is totally committed to the cause. Only four days before the race, a Iottery decides which horse is selected for the district. This horse is then paraded through the City as if it were a god. It symbolizes Fate that will decide the future of the district.
The Last Victory is a moving film about the hopes, the moral convictions, the intrigues and the fluctuating fortunes of a small but passionate Italian community. lt reflects the different layers of Italian society: its traditions, its religion, its politics and its love of Sport.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: John Appel

Written by: John Appel

Produced by: Carmen Cobos

Cinematography: Erik van Empel

Editing: Mario Steenbergen

Original Score: Wouter van Bemmel

Sound Design: Hugo Dijkstal

Cast: Egidio Mecacci, Paolo Rossi, Alma Savini, Roberto Papei, Camilla Marzucchi, Alessandro Calderan

Nominations and Awards

  • European Documentary Award – Prix Arte 2004