Somewhere in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century: The hated minister Joel Birkman has the Universities closed down after student unrest; a student is condemned to death. When Birkman learns of plans to murder him and his family, he engages Jacob as his private secretary and bodyguard. But Jacob also has another employer ...Yet it does not take long till the whole family is captivated by his charm, the two daughters both fall in love with him and Jacob is less and less able to distance himself from the warmth and kindness of the family ...

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Suzanne Osten

Written by: Suzanne Osten, Madeleine Gustafsson, Etienne Glaser

Produced by: Anders Birkeland

Cinematography: Göran Nilsson

Main Cast: Malin Ek (Livia Birkman), Etienne Glaser (Joel Birkman), Björn Kjellman (Welja), Lena Nylen (Jessica), Gunilla Röör (Katja), Philip Zanden (Jacob)

Nominations and Awards

  • Best Supporting Actress 1990
  • European Film 1990
  • European Actor 1990
  • European Screenwriter 1990
  • Best Supporting Actor 1990
  • European Cinematographer 1990