France, Belgium


Anouck is a resigned girl, torn between two loves, two violences: her man, an attractive watchdog, and her little brother, a young mad pup. The night of the boy’s 18th, this delicate triangle explodes, Anouk's revolt is on its way ...

Director's Biography

Manue grew up in Limousin. She passed by the Duperré school in Paris, then by the superior audiovisual school (ESAV) in Toulouse. Since then, she draws wolves, makes movies, experimental wine and is building a village of caravans. RELEASE THE DOGS is her first professional direction. She is currently working on ASHES, an optimistic short film about world's end, and writes a punk comedy on a revolutionary circus company's adventures.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Manue Fleytoux

Written by: Manue Fleytoux

Produced by: Jeremy Forni

Cinematography: Florian Berutti

Editing: Adrien Pagotto

Production Design: Emmanuel Borgetto

Costume Design: Kim Nguyen

Make-Up & Hair: Eléonore Herbinaux

Original Score: Jules Ribis, Xavier Tabard

Sound Design: Thomas Hatcher

Main Cast: Alice De Lencquesaing (Anouk), Yoann Zimmer (Guillaume), Simon Boyle (Caleb)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 2018