North Macedonia 2019


Macedonia, as a stop in the Balkan migration trail, is a direct witness to the suffering of thousands of people. “One of Many” shows a love story taking place in the background of the refugee crisis. Dread, fear and pain are presented in this animation via visual metaphors and abstract images, which makes the story more poetic and brutality less literal. Dark colours, expressionist aesthetics and doomsday-like scenes imprint the film in the viewers' memory.

Director's Biography

Vuk Mitevski is an artist, specializing in sculpture, painting and set design. He graduated from Bennington College, USA. He lived in New York where he had a solo exhibition of his monumental paintings SAINTS. He returned to Macedonia to work as a set designer on all the films by his sister Teona S Mitevska. Animation films are his great challenge. His award-winning animation "Alerik" was presented at more than 30 festivals around the world. In 2019 he finished his last drawing animation "Edna", which took him two years to make.

Cast & Crew

Directed by : Vuk Mitevskii

Written by : Teona Stugar Mitevska

Produced by : Labina Mitevska

Director of Photography : Vuk Mitevskii

Editor : Vuk Mitevskii

Animation : Vuk Mitevskii

Nominations and Awards

  • Short Film Candidates 2019