Serbia, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France


Upon her arrival at an institution for people with mental disabilities, Maria quickly becomes friends with the equally fiery Dragana. When it becomes clear that they are both in love with the more withdrawn Robert, their relationship is upset and gradually grows into a dangerous game of hide-and-seek to win him over. Being condemned to a lifetime of hiding away from society, the three teenagers' profound longing for independence and human connection takes hold. Driven by the newfound feelings of desire and envy, their impulsive actions topple the delicate balance preserved by the institution's stifling rules and spill over into confrontation and desperate measures for any way out.

Director's Biography

Ivan Ikić was selected with his project OASIS as one of the six emerging international directors to attend the Cinefondation Residence program of the Cannes Festival.

2020 - OASIS
2010 - TAROT SERBIA!, doc.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Ivan Ikic

Written by: Ivan Ikic

Produced by: Milan Stojanovic, Marija Stojanovic

Cinematography: Milos Jacimovic

Editing: Dragan Von Petrovic

Production Design: Dragana Bacovic

Costume Design: Milica Kolaric

Make-Up & Hair: Martina Subic-Dodocic

Sound: Ranko Paukovic

Visual Effects: Vukan Buric

Casting: Senka Domanovic, Bogosav Apostolovic

Main Cast: Marijana Novakov (Maria), Tijana Markovic (Dragana), Valentino Zenuni (Robert), Goran Bogdan (caretaker Vlada), Marusa Majer (caretaker Vera)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2021