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Gina is a good-looking post-office clerk and Riccardo is a bus driver. They have been King together for five years, although not married, living an ordinary, everyday existence and finding happiness in little things.
Then one day Gina receives a wild, passionate declaration of love from an anonymous admirer
Saverio, a handsome young man from an upper middle class family, suffers from a nervous disorder that has made him extremely vulnerable and isolated him from the world of human relationships; in fact, the only person in his life is his mother who is overanxious in her desire to make him well.
lt is Saverio who has fallen desperately in love with Gina and he overwhelms her with tender, moving declarations of his love in the form of letters, poems and flowers.
His Passion for Gina and his love-letters completely disrupt Riccardo and Gina's normal, tranquil existence.
Riccardo is an impulsive type and gives vent to his jealousy with rash and violent acts towards Saverio, while Gina, acting out of pity at first, is gradually captivated by the young man and drawn into an unusual relationship.
Her growing fascination for Saverio changes her attitude towards many things, and she even begins to look different.
Saverio has come between Gina and Riccardo. lt is one man against the other and Saverio's battle against his illness.
Riccardo fights as hard as he can and he wins Gina back. They re-discover the love they once had and leave an a long trip.
Saverio, with Gina's help, agrees to undergo therapy in a community where he finds the human warmth and love relationship he was desperately seeking.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Alessandro D´Alatri

Written by: Alessandro D´Alatri

Produced by: Marco Poccioni, Marco Valsania

Cast: Kim Rossi Stuart (Saverio), Maria Grazia Grassini, Paola Tiziana Cruciani, Renzo Stacchi, Anna Galiena (Gina), Massimo Ghini (Riccardo)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 1994