Ich Und Das Universum



Man and gravity: A classical tragedy. The individual’s struggle with his self and the overwhelmingly complex structure of the universe. A stewardess, the driver of an excavator, a furniture salesman and a millionaire speak about a cherished object. What are the precautions they take so that the events of life don’t turn into accidents? Seat bags, belt buckles, remote controls, copy enlargements and a grave for a million: They all carry the complexities of the

Director's Biography

Born in 1970, he studied camera at the University of Applied Sciences, learning from the well-known German filmmaker Adolf Winkelmann and DOP Axel Block. After more than a year in Tokyo, Japan, he studied in several other countries, e.g. at the Film and Television Institute of India and the Anthology Film Archive New York.
His work as a DOP lead him to China, Russia, Chile, North America, India and across Europe. ME, MYSELF AND THE UNIVERSE is his directing debut.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Hajo Schomerus

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 2004