UK, France


Eric the postman is slipping through his own fngers… His wife has gone, his stepsons are out of control and the house was chaotic even be-fore a cement mixer appeared in the front garden. Life is crazy enough, but it is Eric’s own secret that is driving him to the brink. How can he face up to Lily, the woman of his dreams that he once loved and walked out on many years ago? Despite the comical eforts and misplaced goodwill of his mates, Eric continues to sink. In desperate times it takes a splif and a special friend to help a lost postman fnd his way, so Eric turns to his hero: footballing genius, philosopher and poster boy, Eric Cantona. As a certain Frenchman says: “He who is afraid to throw the dice, will never throw a six.”

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Ken Loach

Written by: Paul Laverty

Produced by: Rebecca O’Brien

Cinematography: Barry Ackroyd

Main Cast: Steve Evets (Eric Bishop), Eric Cantona (himself), John Henshaw (Meatballs), Stephanie Bishop (Lily)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Actor 2009
  • Feature Film Selection 2009