She’s blond, she’s tough, and she’s untouchable: the femme fatale of Berlin-Wedding’s backstreets. Coolness weighs heavily on Kroko’s eyelids. It could be mis-taken for boredom – if it weren’t for the edge in her voice and her ice-cold readiness to walk right over anybody who stands in her way… She’s just as fierce when she’s out to have fun, but one of her joy rides ends in a crash and the juvenile court condemns her to do welfare work in a housing project for disabled people – a preposterous punish-ment for a girl like her, she thinks. But the “normalos” she lives with aren’t all that thrill-ing either, and it seems as if Kroko discovers something in the “spasties” she’s been missing in her everyday life…

Director's Biography

Sylke Enders was born in 1965 in Brandenburg, Germany. She studied Sociology and Social Communications before beginning her film studies in Directing at the German Film and Television Academy (dffb). She has worked with dance, theatre and amateur film ensembles and was also employed in the last few years as a script/continuity girl and assistant director on various film and television productions. Sylke Enders lives in Berlin. KROKO, based on her prize-winning short film for RBB’s „Boomtown-Berlin“ series, is her first feature film.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Sylke Enders

Written by: Sylke Enders

Produced by: Gudrun Ruzicková-Steiner

Cinematography: Matthias Schellenberg

Editing: Frank Brummundt

Costume Design: Claudia González Espinolda

Make-Up & Hair: Katherine Frank

Original Score: Robert Philipp, Moritz Schumacher

Sound Design: Ansgar Frerich

Cast: Danilo Bauer (Rolle), Harald Schrott (Micha), Anja Beatrice Kaul (Kroko’s mother), Franziska Jünger (Kroko), Alexander Lange (Thomas), Hinnerk Schönemann (Eddie)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Film Academy Discovery - Prix Fassbinder 2004