The Netherlands


The Vanishing is the tale of a Dutch couple, Rex Hofman and Saskia Wagter who are on holiday in France. The couple stop to rest and refuel, but Saskia never makes it back to the car. The incredibly distraught Rex tries desperately to piece together small bits of evidence; a Polaroid of Saskia exiting the store with an unidentifiable man, and witness testimony of her activities are the only two clues.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: George Sluizer

Written by: George Sluizer

Cinematography: Toni Kuhn

Main Cast: Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu (Raymond Lemorne), Gene Bervoets (Rex Hofman), Johanna Ter Steege (Saskia Wagter), Gwen Eckhaus (Lieneke), Bernadette Le Sache (Simone Lemorne), Pierre Forget (farmer Laurent), Roger Souza (manager)

Nominations and Awards

  • Best Supporting Actress 1988