"FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL" is a radical romantic comedy that takes place entirely at...four weddings and a funeral. It's a tale of 8 friends, 5 priests, 11 wedding dresses, 16 parents-in-law, 2000 champagne glasses and 2 people who belong together, but insist on staying apart. Specifically it's the story of Charles - witty and charming, but at the age of 32, increasingly looking like a serial monogamist: his life has been full of girlfriends he adores, but he just cannot commit to them. He's a man so disengaged from his own heart and so trapped by his Englishness that he can't truly express his feelings. And the more weddings he and his friends go to, the less they want to get married themselves. Until one particular Saturday, in one particular church. Charles sees Carrie -the most unusual, beautiful, sharp-witted and elusive American girl he's ever encountered. Charles tries hard not to pursue her and very hard not to fall in love with her - through 1 funeral and 3 more weddings - one of which is, very awkwardly, hers. Until finally he finds himself standing in an English cathedral on his own wedding day, and at last he absolutely and totally knows who he wants to spend the rest of his life with - and it's not the woman standing next to him in the big white dress. Hugh Grant stars as Charles opposite Andie MacDowell as Carrie, in the witty, but touching "FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL", from a screenplay by Richard Curtis (writer of "Blackadder" and "Mr Bean"). Filled with fine breeding and bad language, beautiful churches and bawling bridesmaids, stylish receptions and appalling speeches, it is directed with astute perception by leading British filmmaker Mike Newell, who made the Oscar-nominated "Enchanted April" and the award-winning "Dance with a Stranger". "FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL" - when love means never having to say "I do".

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Mike Newell

Written by: Richard Curtis

Produced by: Duncan Kenworthy

Cinematography: Michael Coulter

Editing: Jon Gregory

Cast: Simon Callow (Gareth), Hugh Grant (Charles), Andie MacDowell (Carrie), James Fleet (Tom), John Hannah (Matthew), Charlotte Coleman (Scarlett), Kristin Scott Thomas (Fiona)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 1994