Hungary, France, Canada


One, two, three – let’s play hide-and-seek! What if you hid so well that no one would ever find you? One of the brothers comes up with such an idea during a hide-and-seek at home. Closed in a wardrobe, he has been observing the life of his family through a crack in the door for years. This depressing and claustrophobic animation depicts the problem of isolation, solitude or the disappearance of family ties. It also metaphorically shows modern relations maintained via social media, thanks to which we can see the events in the lives of our friends and families, but we cannot participate in them.

Director's Biography

Animated film director and painter He studied Fine Arts and Animation at Cardiff University in the UK. His creative collaboration with Tom Brown began with their short graduation film T.O.M. (2006), which achieved immediate success at international film festivals. Their next picture TEETH (2015) has been screened and awarded at over 40 festivals. Daniel is a member of film festival juries and a visiting professor at universities. He has also taught a number of creative animation workshops.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Daniel Gray

Written by: Daniel Gray

Animation: Benoit Michelet, Théo Sigot, Daniel Gray, Margot Barbé, Islena Neira

Nominations and Awards

  • Short Film Candidates 2021