Zamri, umri, voskresni!



Twelve-year-old Valerka lives in a small town in the East of the Soviet Union. He is surrounded by prisoners of war, enemies of the state and miners, whose lives are not much different to those of the
forced labourers. Always at Valerka's side is Calia, who is the same age and acts as a veritable guardian angel, sorting him out when he gets into scrapes. But one day when Valerka - inadvertently - causes a train to derail, he is forced to flee, and hides among a gang of dreadful crooks ...

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Vitaly Kanevsky

Written by: Vitaly Kanevsky

Production Design: Youri Pachigorev

Main Cast: Dinara Drukarova (Galia), Pavel Nazarov (Valerka), Elena Popova (Valerka's mother)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Discovery 1990
  • European Screenwriter 1990
  • Young European Film 1990
  • European Production Designer 1990