A genius musician lives a lonely life in a surreal, floating world. He plays the piano every day in a gigantic
concert hall, but there is nobody to listen. One day his animated world collapses and he must face reality.
He only has one wish: to share his music with his daughter, but her mother doesn‘t allow it.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Till Nowak

Written by: Till Nowak

Produced by: Till Nowak

Cinematography: Ivan Robles Mendoza

Editing: Till Nowak, Philipp Hahn

Production Design: Till Nowak

Costume Design: Heidrun Schwantge

Original Score: Olaf Taranczewski, Frank Zerban

Sound Design: Andreas Radzuweit

Animation: Till Nowak, Malte Lauinger

Cast: Roland Schupp (pianist), Nina Petri (mother), Hannah Heine (daughter), Klaus Zehrfeld (doctor)

Narrator: Leslie Barany (English), Mirko Thiele (German)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 2015