Denmark, Austria, Israel, USA


What is anti-semitism today, two generations after the Holocaust? In his continuing exploration of modern Israeli life, Yoav Shamir travels the world in search of the most modern manifestations of the “oldest hatred", and comes up with some startling answers. The film questions our perceptions and terminology when an event proclaimed by some as anti-Semitic is described by others as legitimate criticism of Israel’s government policies. The film walks along the boundary between anti-Zionism, rejecting the notion of a Jewish State, and anti-Semitism, rejecting Jews. Opinions often differ and tempers sometimes flare, but in DEFAMATION we find that one thing is certain: only by understanding their response to anti-Semitism can we really appreciate how Jews today, and especially modern Israelis, respond to the world around them, in New York and in Moscow, in Gaza and Tel Aviv.

Cast & Crew

Nominations and Awards

  • European Documentary Award – Prix Arte 2009