La Nariz De Cleopatra



On May 6, 1943, the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco visits Seville.
Inside a tavern a young partisan waits. On his lap lies a briefcase containing a loaded pistol, and hidden from the eyes of everyone, his hand trembles. On the bar, beneath his eyes sits a glass of wine, filled to the brim. The dilemma is clear: if the young partisan cannot raise the glass without spilling it, he can forget about raising the pistol against Franco.
Can he control his fear enough to change the course of history?

Director's Biography

Born in England in 1965, he began making short films at the age of 30, after starring in one for a friend. In 1999 he shot a Spanish feature film in the mini DV format. That same year he relocated to Spain and since then has made a further three short films. His next project, THE LAST BULLET, is to be filmed in November 2004. CLEOPATRA’S NOSE is the first in a trilogy of short films by Jordan concerning the Spanish 20th century political scene.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Richard Jordan

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 2004