Auf Wiedersehen Amerika



"AUF WIEDERSEHEN AMERIKA" is the tale of an uncommon journey. Isaac, his friend Moshe and Genovefa, Moshe's wife, leave New-York for Poland by boat. They end up in Germany, celebrate Christmas in Berlin and finally reach Poland after all. But everything has changed there. Isaac finds himself a wife and Genovefa an apartment They all end up happy, at least for a while : one couple in Danzig and the other in Brighton Beach. Jan Schütte uses tenderness and economy and relate the tragi-comic Odyssey of these three characters who are used to life's upsets and yet find the spirit and strength to continue their journey. Life, in "AUF WIEDERSEHEN AMERIKA", is like Moshe's jacket: dull and worn on one side, but bright red on the other.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Jan Schütte

Written by: Thomas Strittmatter

Cast: Zofia Merle, Christa Berndl, Ben Lang, Otto Tausig, Jakov Bodo

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 1994