Sweden, Estonia


AMALIMBO is the story of Tipuana, a five year-old girl who experiences the limbo when she tries to pass to ”the other side” in her desperate urge to meet again with her recently deceased father.
It is a short story that happens in an undefined place, and also in an undefined future.

Director's Statement

Working on AMALIMBO was a way of dealing with death for me. It is a story that takes place in a reality and a dream-altered reality at the same time. Animation and live action, dialogue between characters and backgrounds suggest the presence of the dreamworld in the real world. AMALIMBO wonders about death and also about the force of life.

Director's Biography

Born in 1978 in Argentina, Juan Pablo Libossart re-located to Sweden in 2001. He completed the MBS’s European Master of Audiovisual Management (MEGA) in 2010 and EAVE in 2013. Juan Pablo Libossart has produced films for Erik Gandini, Marcus Lindeen and Jesper Ganslandt, to name but a few. AMALIMBO is his debut as a director and writer.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Juan Pablo Libossart

Written by: Juan Pablo Libossart

Produced by: Johanna Lind

Editing: Juan Pablo Libossart

Production Design: Roland Seer

Original Score: Anders Kjellberg, Åsa Carlson

Sound Design: Gustaf Berger, Lars Wignell

Animation: Roland Seer, Denis Chapon, Miguel Mealla Black

Main Cast: Anna Odell (Older Tipuana), Margaretha Ulfendahl (Tipuana)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 2016