Denmark, Norway


Two people met for the first time in Copenhagen and, having spent one perfect night together, they desperately try to cut lose from the complacency of their existing lives and risk everything to be together.

Aimee is in Copenhagen for her husband August’s book launch. Both neglectful of her and at the same time desperately needy of her love, August leaves Aimee alone on their first night to go and write in solitude. Aimee takes to the streets of Copenhagen alone.

Photographer Alex and his girlfriend Simone have finished dinner with his father and are heading home. As he waits for Simone in a crowded station, Alex catches his first glimpse of Aimee on the platform and something indefinable happens between them. Seeing her again on the train, he impulsively rushes after her, leaving Simone without reason or explanation. Aimee leads him through the streets and into a bar where they strike up a conversation as naturally as if they were already acquainted. Falling in love in a heartbeat, Alex returns to the hotel with her.

The following morning Alex and Aimee wake together and make plans to meet later in the day, unaware that August had returned early and seen the signs that his wife has spent the night with another man.

But what has happened overnight to Alex’s life? Some inexplicable change has taken place as a result of his decision to follow Aimee. His flat is no longer where it was, his friends don’t recognize him, and worse still, seeing Simone in the street, he is shocked when she claims not to know who he is.

Has his encounter with Aimee the previous night somehow transformed the world around him, or is he the victim of some kind of cruel cosmic joke?

Alex races through the city to meet with Aimee, hoping that she at least will prove to be real…

RECONSTRUCTION takes an every day situation and transforms it into a meditation on love and chance, the choices that we make, and the courage required to follow through with our choices. Alex is tempted by everything around him, and the women in his life wait for him to leap forward into the unknown and risk everything for love. As he becomes increasingly lost in his feelings, he is also lost within the city, unable to reach the people around him.

Director's Biography

Born 1974. Christoffer Boe studied film at The University of Copenhagen before enrolling at The National Film School of Denmark, from which he graduated in 2001.
He aroused attention with his trilogy of short films; Obsession, Virginity and Anxiety, all produced during his four years at film school. His graduation film, Anxiety, won him the Prix Découverte de la Critique Francaise at the International Festival of Film Schools in Poitiers, France, and was screened in Semaine de la Critique, Cannes 2002.
RECONSTRUCTION is Christoffer Boe’s first feature film.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Christoffer Boe

Written by: Christoffer Boe

Produced by: Tine Grew Pfeiffer

Cinematography: Manuel Alberto Claro

Editing: Mikkel E.G. Nielsen

Original Score: Thomas Knak

Sound Design: Morten Green

Cast: Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Alex David), Maria Bonnevie (Aimee Holm & Simone), Krister Henriksson (August Holm)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Film Academy Discovery - Prix Fassbinder 2003