5th EFA Young Audience Award Includes Record 30 Countries

Young Juries Across Europe Screen Nominees GIRLS LOST, MISS IMPOSSIBLE and RAUF...

EFA 2015 - Interview with Vincent Lindon

Watch our exclusive interview clip with European Actor 2015 nominee Vincent Lind...

EFA 2015 - Interview with Tom Sommerlatte

Watch our exclusive interview clip with Discovery 2015 nominee Tom Sommerlatte o...

2016: 29th European Film Awards

On 10 December 2016, the 29th European Film Awards will be celebrated in Wroclaw/Poland, European Capital of Culture 2016

Watch highlights, impressions and the making of the 28th European Film Awards 2015 in our video section!

The 28th European Film Awards returned to Berlin, seat of the European Film Academy, on 12 December 2015. Find out more...


06:34, 1.05.2016

GIRLS LOST actress Tuva Jagell talks about acting and working with director Alexandra-Therese Keining https://t.co/CbvS61Yhwi

06:19, 1.05.2016

RT : May is month in Canada! If you are on the other side of the Atlantic, enjoy the program https://t.co/JEtJPq589G

06:18, 1.05.2016

RT : L'actrice Danielle Darrieux fête aujourd'hui ses 99 ans ! Interview en 1957 https://t.co/paRmU7v7g9 https://t.co/uqUlK9ZOtG

02:55, 1.05.2016

Romy Schneider in Boccaccio '70 (1962). https://t.co/Mkc4s80zo9

01:10, 30.04.2016

Manoel de Oliveira & Me: João Botelho presents his tribute to the great Portuguese director https://t.co/w8YUxUzENe https://t.co/xHxEe18FpV

01:10, 29.04.2016

It's Friday! Do you have the same of in Five Miles to Midnight (1962)? https://t.co/Gq5mlG4rA8

12:49, 29.04.2016

EFA winners and receive France’s highest civilian honour https://t.co/BJ5biRs8lU https://t.co/I7DjoGco47

12:42, 29.04.2016

RT : Marthe Keller will chair the Un Certain Regard Jury with 4 leading figures https://t.co/l6W3hfIZVd https://t.co/9q9XlEHOG3

12:39, 29.04.2016

RT : As you may know, will run from April 29 to May 8 in Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Medan, Surabaya, Yogyakarta https://t.co/tfjkBnZDRS

11:25, 29.04.2016

British director will chair the International Jury at https://t.co/Hzo57dMZQd https://t.co/clkpT78Ur4

03:55, 28.04.2016

New Aki Kaurismäki feature, 'The Other Side of Hope', supported by https://t.co/f1an1aiYDM https://t.co/4MvZIPWNKZ

11:25, 28.04.2016

"I hope that I will be able to work all of my life. It's easier to do that in Europe" - Penélope Cruz https://t.co/5nE5Kusjto

11:19, 28.04.2016

RT : . 2016 to Showcase Acclaimed Films, Documentaries in Jakarta https://t.co/e1AeIBgN2p https://t.co/YBpsVHG5gf

11:19, 28.04.2016

RT : New call to create an EU Festival award & an EU Festival label now available https://t.co/RgjNmOI8Uu https://t.co/0dn0xvVOtX

11:18, 28.04.2016

RT : A new Bergman documentary is coming to our television screens, with release set for 2018: https://t.co/Gb80QgWXDb https://t.co/pRdQmzEMwv


5th EFA Young Audience Award Includes Record 30 Countries

Young Juries Across Europe Screen Nominees GIRLS LOST, MISS IMPOSSIBLE and RAUF - check out this year's nominated films!

EFA Joins Protest Against Polish Public Broadcaster's Attack on Award-Winning IDA

The Board of the European Film Academy (EFA) supports the Polish Directors’ Guild and over 90 Polish film journalists in their protest against the treatment of multiple EFA-winner IDA by Poland's public broadcaster TVP.
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First EFA Short Film 2016 Nominees Announced

The European Film Academy congratulates the first seven nominees for EFA Short Film 2016

The 28th European Film Awards: WINNERS

Check out the winners of this year’s European Film Awards here!

The Beauty of Cinema

Interview with John Maclean, nominated for SLOW WEST
read more

Fuelled by Passion More Than Money

Interview with Mark Burton, nominated for SHAUN THE SHEEP THE MOVIE, together with co-director Richard Starzak
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No-Budget Filmmaking Means You’re Exploiting Everyone – Including Yourself

Interview with Anna Sofie Hartmann, nominated with LIMBO for EUROPEAN DISCOVERY 2015 – Prix FIPRESCI
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Immersed in the World we’re Trying to Create

Check out our interview with European Composer 2015 Cat's Eyes and their score for THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY!
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European Film Awards with Cinema Stars from Across Europe

When the 28th European Film Awards return to Berlin on 12 December, there will be an impressive line-up of European actors and actresses presenting the individual awards.
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Check out the list of broadcasters of the European Film Awards on 12 December!
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Honorary Award of the EFA President and Board for Sir Michael Caine

On the occasion of the 28th European Film Awards on 12 December, the legendary British actor Sir Michael Caine will be presented with the Honorary Award of the EFA President and Board.
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Pre-Celtic Tiger Ireland

Our exclusive interview with Tomm Moore, nominated for the animated feature SONG OF THE SEA
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Hypnotic, Mysterious And Suspenseful

Interview with Discovery Nominees Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala on their debut film GOODNIGHT MOMMY
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European Co-production Award for Andrea Occhipinti

This year’s EUROPEAN CO-PRODUCTION AWARD – Prix EURIMAGES, an award acknowledging the decisive role of co-productions in the European film industry, goes to Italian producer Andrea Occhipinti.
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In Shock About Paris Attacks

In Shock About Paris Attacks

After this horrible night, the European Film Academy wishes to offer its condolences to the families and friends of those killed and express its shock about the terrible attacks in Paris.

The European Film Academy stands with the international community and all those who are ready to defend our democratic society and our right to freedom. Our hearts are with you. Nos cœurs sont avec vous.


Interview with Discovery Nominee Tom Sommerlatte on his debut SUMMERS DOWNSTAIRS
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At the Seville European Film Festival the European Film Academy and EFA Productions proudly announced the nominations for the 28th European Film Awards.
The more than 3,000 EFA Members will now vote for the winners who will be presented during the awards ceremony on 12 December in Berlin.
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A Very Personal Journey for Both Kids And Adults

Check out our interview with director Simon Rouby, nominated for his animated feature ADAMA
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Jury Unveils First Six EFA Winners

Awards for Cinematography, Editing, Design, Costumes, Music & Sound

The European Film Academy announces the first winners who will be honoured at this year’s 28th European Film Awards. A special seven-member jury convened in Berlin and, based on the EFA Selection list and the additional film entries, decided on the winners in the categories cinematography, editing, production design, costume design, composer and sound design. The European Film Academy congratulates the following awards recipients:
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European Film Academy Nominates Three Animation Films

The European Film Academy proudly announces the three nominations in the category EUROPEAN ANIMATED FEATURE FILM 2015. Based on a list of films provided by CARTOON, the European Association of Animation Film, as well as on individual film submissions, a committee decided on these nominations.
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Honorary Awards for Charlotte Rampling and Christoph Waltz

The European Film Academy takes great pleasure in announcing that the actress Charlotte Rampling and the actor Christoph Waltz will receive this year's honorary awards. read more

15 Short Films Nominated

The European Film Academy and EFA Productions are proud to present this year's short film nominations. At each of the 15 participating film festivals, an independent jury presented one European short film in competition with a nomination in the short film category of the European Film Awards.
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Five Debut Films Nominated for European Film Awards

At the Oldenburg International Film Festival in Germany, the European Film Academy has announced this year’s nominations for the EUROPEAN DISCOVERY – Prix FIPRESCI, an award presented annually as part of the European Film Awards to a young and upcoming director for a first full-length feature film. 
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15 European Documentaries Selected for 28th European Film Awards

It is with great pleasure that the European Film Academy and EFA Productions announce the first ever EFA Documentary Selection, a list of 15 European documentaries recommended for a nomination for this year's European Film Awards.
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52 Films in EFA Selection for 28th European Film Awards

It is with great pleasure that the European Film Academy and EFA Productions announce the titles of the 52 films on this year’s selection list, the list of films recommended for a nomination for the European Film Awards 2015! With 36 European countries represented, the list once again illustrates the great diversity in European cinema. read more


Every year, the EFA People’s Choice Award allows film fans across Europe to elect their favourite film. When the European Film Academy invites its members, Europe’s greatest film stars, directors, actors and actresses, to attend the European Film Awards, the People’s Choice Award sheds a spotlight on the people films are made for: the audience. This year’s vote has started – vote now and win the chance to join winners and nominees for the awards ceremony in Berlin! read more

On 12 December 2015, European filmmakers, EFA Members, guests, nominees and winners will gather in Berlin for the 28th European Film Awards.

This year’s 28th European Film Awards will return to Berlin, seat of the European Film Academy. Divided by the Wall for 28 years, the re-united city has quickly become a colourful and exciting international metropolis and home to creative people from around the world. read more

Shock About the 20-Year Verdict for Oleg Sentsov

More Than 1,000 Supporters Across Europe Signed Letter to Free Oleg Sentsov

In the face of today's 20-year verdict for the Ukrainian filmmaker the European Film Academy wishes to express its shock. During the past days, supporters, institutional and individual, have gathered well over 1,000 signatures for the EFA letter to the President of Russia and Russian authorities asking for Sentsov’s immediate release.  read more