Germany 2015


Frankfurt 1958: nobody wants to look back to the time of the National Socialist regime. Young prosecuting attorney Johann Radmann comes across some documents that help to initiate the trial against some members of the SS who served in Auschwitz. But both the horrors of the past and the hostility against his work bring Johann to the point of meltdown. It is nearly impossible for him to find his way through this maze; everybody seems to have been involved or guilty.

Cast & Crew

Directed by : Giulio Ricciarelli

Written by : Elisabeth Bartel

Produced by : Uli Putz, Sabine Lamby, Jakob Claussen

Director of Photography : Martin Langer, Roman Osin

Editor : Andrea Mertens

Production Design : Manfred Döring

Costume Design : Aenne Plaumann

Composer : Sebastian Pille, Niki Reiser

Sound Design : Günther Gries, Friedrich M. Dosch, Stefan Korte, Tschangis Charokh

Main Cast : Johann von Bülow (Haller), André Szymanski (Gnielka), Friederike Becht (Marlene), Robert Hunger-Bühler (Friedberg), Alexander Fehling (Johann Radmann)

Nominations and Awards

  • EFA Feature Film Selection 2015